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Career in Defence Services – Military Life in a Nutshell


Many youngsters keep asking me about life and career prospects in the Armed Forces (Defence Services) – Army, Navy and Air Force.

So – here are the salient aspects of a Military Career in a Nutshell.

Musings of Veteran


(The generic term “MILITARY” includes all the 3 Armed Forces – Army, Navy and Air Force)

A career in the Defence Services or Armed Forces  the Army, the Navy and the Air Force  is different from most other civilian careers. 

The unique attributes of a military career entail a distinctive “way of life” that makes a career in the Armed Forces totally different as compared to a career in the civilian world. 

Yes  the Armed Forces are a “way of life” – not a mere job.

Many young persons join the Defence Services without fully understanding the unique aspects of a Military career – and then – they feel out of place, mismatched, frustrated and regretful.

During my long Naval career  I have seen so many officers – who realised that they were misfits in the Navy – and – they wasted many frustrated years of their lives in misery trying to get out of the navy.

Please do not let that happen to you.

Do join the Army, Navy and Air Force  but do so with due diligence  with your eyes open and with full awareness. 

It may prove foolhardy to join the Defence Services on a sudden impulse – or in a wave of jingoism

You must be realistic about choosing your career – whether in the Defence Services or elsewhere – because your career is probably the most important part of your life.

If you have the right attitude and compatible mindset – then a Military career is very satisfying and fulfilling.

But  if your attitude in not in sync with the Military way of life  then you may get frustrated and your life may become miserable.

That is why  before you join the Defence Services  make sure you have the right attitude suitable for a career in the Armed Forces.


To put “Military” Life in a nutshell  here is a list of 12 Unique Attributes that characterize a Military Career in the Armed Forces (Army Navy or Air Force):













If you planning to join the Armed Forces you must ask yourself whether you have the right attitude and compatible mindset to match all these 12 military attributes.

I am sure you understand each of the 12 points mentioned above which are self-explanatory  but  nevertheless  I shall try and elaborate on each point later in my blog. 

In fact – I have already written articles/stories based on most of the above 12 attributes.

Also – it is always a good idea to talk to young officers of your age group to get a first-hand view of life in the respective Defence Service – as serving officers will be more updated and current in this matter.

All the Best.

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This is an abridged extract from a series of career counselling articles written by me Vikram Karve 6 years ago in the year 2010 as a part of my career guidance lectures and I have Earlier Posted this article in my Academic and Creative Writing Blog more than 3 years ago in the year 2013 at urls  and  and  and and  and

Do You Drown Your Sorrows in Alcohol...?

Once – a shipmate was feeling miserable because his girlfriend had dumped him.

“Come on  have a drink – it will make you feel better...” someone said.

When another officer was passed over for promotion and was feeling dejected – he was given the same advice: “Have a drink – it will help raise your spirits...” 

A course-mate was in a bad mood after an altercation with his boss. 

He was given the same advice: “Come on  have a drink – it will cheer you up...” 

If you are feeling depressed – or – you are in a bad mood – or you are feeling stressed out – some well-wishers will advise you to drown your sorrows in alcohol.  

Is this a wise thing to do...? 

Is alcohol the panacea – a cure-all” – for all emotional ills...? 

Is alcohol the stress management elixir...? 

Does alcohol help you escape from your problems...?

I remember a saying:

Intoxication isnt an escape  it just pushes problems further away 

If you think that drowning your sorrows in alcohol is a good idea – here is some “food for thought  an article I had written many years ago in my series on “The Art of Drinking Alcohol...

Golden Rule of Drinking Alcohol

The Navy taught me many things. 

One of the things I learnt in the Navy was how to drink alcohol. 

Yes – I am a veteran “drunkard” 

(Sadly – I gave up alcohol 15 years ago) 

However – I have rich domain experience in the field – which I must share for the benefit of budding alcoholics.  

So – let me delve into my “Alcoholic Archives – and  share with you – some of my “Boozy Wisdom – from my select writings on How to Drink Alcohol”...

Cheers – Enjoy !!! 


People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how to swim

~ Ann Landers

One evening 
 a friend of mine landed up at my place  and he said, “I have had a really terrible day at work. I need a drink.”

“I will get you a cup of tea,” I said.

“Tea…?” he exclaimed astounded, “haven’t you got some whiskey or something? I told you I am feeling terrible – everything went wrong today – I desperately need a drink…”

“I know you are dying for a drink – you are craving, yearning, thirsting for that “soothing” sip of alcohol. That is why you must not drink now. You must never drink when you need a drink,” I said.    

My friend pleaded  but I did not budge.

I gave him a cup of tea  which he drank with great reluctance.

Then  he walked off in a huff  calling me all sorts of names – he said that I was a miser  a “good for nothing” friend – an “unofficerlike” officer  but I knew I that had done the right thing.

Yes – I had done the right thing – I did not give him a drink when he needed a drink.

Because – that is my first golden rule of drinking alcohol – or – if you like – let’s call it Booze Wisdom...

Yes  dont drink when you desperately want to have a drink. 
Do not touch a drop of alcohol when your mind or body craves for alcohol.

Sounds funny isn’t it...?

Let me try to elucidate.

Never drink when you need a drink.

Do not drink when you are feeling any negative emotion like despondency, sadness, anger, irritation, envy, unhappiness, frustration, emotional pain, bad moods, down in the dumps feeling, or any negative vibes.

Never touch the bottle when you are in negative mood – otherwise  the bottle will “unbottle” you.

Remember –  if you drink alcohol in these circumstance the bottle will “unbottle” your dormant repressed inner feelings  and  release your pent up negative emotions – and  make you feel even more miserable  and  spoil the mood of all those around you.

Let me tell you something I have observed in real life.

If you want to know the true character of a man  just get him drunk  and  what is hidden inside him will come out  and his true inner self will be revealed.

(Maybe – the same applies to women as well – but I did not have the opportunity to observe women getting drunk – so I cannot vouch for it)

Alcohol opens you up

That’s what alcohol does  isn’t it...?

Alcohol reduces inhibitions  makes you more talkative, more expansive and more expressive  loosens you up  and helps release, bring out and amplify your inner emotions, talents, passions, sentiments.

That is why some persons become more creative after imbibing a drink or two  since alcohol unleashes your inhibitions  and releases the music, the poetry, the creativity hidden within you. 
If you are happy inside  after a few drinks you will start physically expressing your happiness – maybe in a boisterous manner  and outwardly  by laughing, cheer and bonhomie. 

Alcohol will dissolve your inhibitions – you will become more expressive, talkative and friendly.
Once you drink when you are in high spirits  you may even articulate your secret unexpressed love – you become amorous and romantic  you try to realize your hidden desires – and you will reveal without compunctions  all your inner secrets – which otherwise you would never disclose when sober.  

But  the converse is also true.

By reducing inhibitions  alcohol may bring out the worst in you  by facilitating the release of pent up negative emotions like anger, envy, dejection, despondency, frustration  and these unleashed amplified negative emotions may result in undesirable, unpleasant and even disastrous consequences.

Have you noticed how some people get violent, argumentative, rude or even melancholic, moody, sullen, depressed, unsociable, unpleasant after a few drinks...?

Dear Reader  in my opinion  the best thing is to be a teetotaller – and avoid drinking alcohol altogether.

But  if you must have a drink please do make sure that you are feeling positive vibes and are peaceful and happy inside  and  never drink when you desperately “need” that drink

Yes  Do Not Drink Alcohol when you are feeling depressed or low or angry or have negative emotions.

Remember this Golden Rule:

If you must drink alcohol  always drink when you are happy – you must enjoy your drinking when you are in good cheer and full of positive vibes

So – this is my first golden rule of drinking alcohol: 


If you must drink alcohol  remember the corollary to the above dictum:

It is okay to have a drink when you don’t need that drink

But – Don’t Drink when you “Need a Drink.

Cheers ... !!! 

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2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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How to Enjoy Your Leisure – Loafing – Spending Perfectly Useless Time in a Perfectly Useless Manner


Spending Perfectly Useless Time in a Perfectly Useless Manner 
Musings of a Veteran Loafer

Nostalgic Memories of a Day of Leisurely Loafing in Pune 10 years ago (circa 2006)


Many people do not know how to enjoy their leisure. 

In fact  in the so-called busy world of today  many persons do not have any genuine leisure.

I love leisure. 

Throughout my life  as a student  during my working days – and now – after retirement  I always made sure that I had plenty of leisure. 

In fact  I believe in having leisure every day.

short vacation every day – is better than a long holiday once a year.

There are many ways of enjoying your leisure  indoors and outdoors.

Indoors  you can read  watch TV  lie down and daydream  meditate  surf the internet  write  blog  play indoor games like cards, chess and scrabble – you can do so many things.

Outdoors  one of the best ways of enjoying your leisure is LOAFING.

I love to loaf – to loaf around.

I have loafed throughout my life  wherever I lived. 

I try to loaf every day. 

And – whenever I get a chance  I go on super-long loafs – like the loaf in Pune I had 10 years ago – that I am going to tell you about in this story.

I had my best moments of loafing in Mumbai  where I spent the best years of my life. 

Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore are wonderful places for loafing too.

Now  I enjoy loafing in Pune. 

I particularly remember a thoroughly enjoyable day of loafing in Pune – on a lovely winter day in December 2006 (around 10 years ago) – when I used to live in a back-of-beyond place across the Mula River called Aundh Camp (aka Sangvi). 

I enjoyed that loaf so much  that  I wrote about it – and posted the story on my blogs – in order to record my travelogue for the benefit of posterity. 

So  Dear Reader  once again  here are my nostalgic memories of that carefree day of loafing in Pune. 

Please relax and read this leisurely. 

And – do remember – this happened 10 years ago – in 2006 – but not much seems to have changed in Pune. 


Please tell me 
 Dear Reader: 

What is the definition of LOAFING...?

Idling away your time on useless things...? 

Or – does Loafing mean Aimless Loitering...? 


Sounds a bit derogatory, isn't it...? 

Okay let’s say it is aimless wandering – Perfectly useless time spent in a perfectly useless manner...!


That’s how I would like to define the the term loafing.

Loafing is spending perfectly useless time in a perfectly useless manner.
Yes  that is the meaning of loafing.


And what 
 My Dear Reader  is food-walking...?

 or rather walking  in search of good food. 

Loitering with an aim  loitering in search of good food – not so useless loitering!

That is what I did once – long back – on a wonderful winter day.  

I loafed in Pune 
 I loafed around.

I spent a perfectly useless day in a perfectly useless manner – “loafing
 in Pune. 

I still have fond nostalgic memories of that glorious day. 

Let me tell you about it. 


It’s a beautiful morning. 

I try to furtively slip out of my house unnoticed. 

But – I am stopped in my tracks by my wife's piercing voice: "Where are you going...?"

"I don’t know...?" I answer truthfully.

This adroit answer probably precludes the next question she is about to ask me: "What time are you coming back...?" for she knows I will again truthfully answer: "I don’t know".

It is true – I really don’t know where I am going – and I have no idea when I am going to come back.

"Take the mobile phone with you..." she shouts.

But – I pretend not to hear – and I make myself scarce and disappear as fast as possible.

When I loaf – I do not carry my mobile phone.

I do not want the manacles of technology to ruin my day. 
Dear Fellow Loafer: If you want to truly enjoy a good loaf 
– beware of the technology trap.
It's a bright winter day. 

The morning sun is comforting. 

I feel good.

Flush with a sense of carefree irresponsibility  I walk with a spring in my step. 

 I am going to enjoy my leisure.  


I walk out my house onto the main road.

Should I turn left...? 

Should I turn right...? 

Should I cross the road and go straight ahead...? 

I am free. 

I am free to go wherever I desire. 

I am free to enjoy my day as I want.

Yes  I have true freedom – I have the freedom to travel at my sweet will  with no destination to reach  no task to complete  no deadlines to meet...

Freedom to loaf. 



Pure Leisure.  

Freedom to spend a perfectly useless day in a perfectly useless manner. 

I see a bus.

I stop the bus 
 and – I hop in. 

"Where do you want to go...?" the bus conductor asks me.

"Where does this bus go...?" I ask him.

"This bus goes to Pune Railway Station..." the bus conductor says, with a curious look. 

"Okay  one ticket to Pune Railway Station..." I say, holding out a 10 Rupee Note.

The conductor gives me an amused look.

He hands me a ticket and a rupee coin. 

I sit down on a vacant window-seat. 

I think interesting thoughts and I enjoy the view through the window. 

On these carefree wanderlust trips of mine I prefer travelling by bus  and  of course  I love to walk on foot. 

Driving my car on the terrible potholed, crowded and chaotic roads in the terrible traffic of Pune makes me go crazy and fills me with stress.

And  at my age  I dare not venture out too far on my scooter  lest I land up with broken bones in hospital – or  worse  lifeless in the Vaikunth or Kailas crematoriums!

So that's what I sometimes do on these glorious trips of mine.

Just jump into the first bus that comes along – and let the bus take you wherever it goes. 

Just go where life leads you.

Try it – it is fun. 

Last time 
– I landed up in the heart of Pune – near Shaniwar Wada.  

In Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi 
 loafing is even more exciting  as there are so many more bus routes and travel choices  trains, buses, trams, walks  and – you can serendipitously explore so many new and exotic places you would not dream of going to in normal course.

The bus reaches the Pune Railway Station.

It’s been a smooth ride.  


I get down from the bus.

I admire the magnificent heritage stone building of Pune Railway Station.

I stand in the porch and I look inside the railway station.

Trains, crowds, announcements, horns, cacophony, and chaos – I love the “railway” atmosphere. 

On impulse  I enter the railway station – and I stroll on the platform  panning my gaze all over – and  stopping once in a while to feast my eyes on any attractive object that arrests my attention.

"Want a seat...?" a porter asks.

"No..." I say.

"Where are you going...?" he persists.

"Nowhere..." I say.

"Waiting for someone...?" he asks, probably in anticipation of porterage.

"No..." I say.

The porter stares at me for a moment – and then  he walks off with a look of perplexed dejection. 
I look around the railway platform.
Everyone is waiting to go somewhere  or waiting for someone.

I am waiting to go nowhere  and – I am waiting for nobody.

So I walk out of the station and head for Shiv Kailash Milk Bar  bang opposite Pune Railway Station – on the other side of the road.

If you arrive at Pune by train on a hot morning 
 never make the blunder of heading for the auto rickshaw stand. 

You will get all stressed up waiting in the never-ending queue and haggling with the rickshawallas trying to fleece you and con you.  
Just cross the road to Shiv Kailash Milk Bar  sit under the shade on one of the stainless steel stools placed on the pavement  and – invigorate yourself with a tall glass of cool refreshing Lassi (which is guaranteed to banish the depleting effects of the tiresome train journey).

Then  tell the waiter to hail a rickshaw from the many rickshaws hanging around.

They will know that you are a regular...! 

This is what I have been doing for so many years 
 during my numerous homecomings  ever since the days when Pune was called Poona – and when the Deccan Queen was the best way to travel from Mumbai to Pune.


Shiv Kailash serves the best Lassi in Pune.

It’s almost as good as the one at Pehelwan at the end on Lanka near BHU in Varanasi.

The Lassi freshly made in front of you 
– topped off with a generous dollop of soft fresh cream.

The sumptuous fulfilling soothing Lassi is thick, lip-smacking, nourishing 
 and gives me a heavenly feeling. 

I sip the Lassi slowly 
 relishing every mouthful  almost eating the delectable fluid after letting it perambulate on my tongue  as I watch the world go about its business outside. 

People come in a jiffy 
 gulp their glasses of Lassi down the hatch in a hurry  and they rush away.

But I am in no hurry  so  I blissfully savour each and every drop of the delicious creamy Lassi.

I walk leisurely towards Pune Camp. 

I walk past Mira College, GPO, Zero Milestone, Police Headquarters, Nehru Memorial Hall  where I cross the Moledina Road – admiring the imposing Lal Deval Synagogue  and then – I turn left  and I walk past the place where the imperial Dorabjee Store Building used to be once upon a time.

– there is a huge shopping complex – and a glitzy mall opposite.

I reminisce.

West End Cinema 
– with its soda fountain and cane chairs  New Empire Cinema  all the adorable landmarks are long since gone.

Now there are Malls and modern places like Landmark. 

(This story was written 10 years ago in the year 2006 when Landmark Bookstore existed at the same place where Dorabjee Departmental Store exists today)

Landmark – you know it don’t you...?  

Landmark is Pune’s swanky new music-cum-book store.

Like Crossword – giving competition to the grand old Manney’s, International, Popular, TBS and the bookshops at Appa Balwant Chowk. 

(Manney’s Bookstore has since closed down – and – Landmark has shut shop too – after relocating for a few years across the road to the Mall).

I walk into Landmark.

The place is swarming with chic salesgirls and sales-boys.

No one pays any attention to me. 

Maybe – I blend well with the surroundings. 

I realize the tremendous advantages of obscurity and the benefits of anonymity
Had I been a successful person  rich and famous  or someone with a striking personality  people would notice me – and  I doubt I would have been able to enjoy myself with such carefree abandon. 

non-achievers like me can truly enjoy a life of carefree irresponsibility – and savour the unadulterated joys of genuine leisure. 

I roam around the ground floor music section. 

There are no music stations where you can listen to music  like they have in Rhythm House at Kalaghoda  and Planet-M opposite VT (CST) – in Mumbai.

So – I go the first floor bookstore. 

The bookstore is spacious, neatly laid-out and looks impressive. 


The books are arranged subject-wise  clearly visible from anywhere. 

There are cushioned stools to sit and browse – and also two long sofas below the huge tinted windows towards the far side. 

I start from the left side.

Food, Philosophy, Self-Help, Travel, Coffee Table, Erotica, Classics, Fiction, Computers, Children, Indian Writing 
– there are books on every topic you can think of.  

The tranquil ambiance is so soothing and conducive 
 that I browse to my hearts content  loosing myself into that wonderful state of timelessness I experience sometimes when I am totally immersed into doing something I love.

By the time I leave Landmark 
 cerebrally satiated  it is almost 3 in the afternoon  yes – it is 3 PM – and – I am hungry.

After intellectual satiation  I am now in desperate need of gastronomic satiation.

 I walk past Manney’s and West End and turn right on Main Street  cross Aurora Towers  turn right  walk past ABN Amro Bank  and then – I turn left on Dastur Meher Road – and I walk leisurely towards Sarbatwala Chowk – till I reach Dorabjee and Sons Restaurant.


I dive in through the low entrance of Dorabjee’s and look around.

The eatery is crowded 
 with noisy families bashing on regardless – greedily devouring the heaps food before them.

The mouth-watering aroma 
 and the sight of the appetizing food  creates in me such ravenous pangs of hunger – that I quickly sit on the only vacant table  and I order a Mutton Biryani – the signature dish of Dorabjee.

As is the hallmark of authentic speciality cuisine restaurants 
– the menu is select – just a few choice dishes a single page.

There is Sali, Curry, Masala and Biryani in Mutton and Chicken 
 Kheema, Brain, Eggs  and combinations thereof  cutlets in gravy  and a few Veg dishes  for appearance sake.

On Sundays 
 you can have Dhansak  maybe on your way to the races in the season. 
Pune may have changed – but heritage institutions like Dorabjee still preserve the flavour of yesteryear Pune.

I spoon some Biryani onto my tongue 
 seal my lips, close my eyes, turn my senses inwards with full consciousness – to imbibe and savour the unique medley of juices released by the succulent piece of mutton  the bitterish-sweet taste of the slightly burnt crisp fried onions  and the spicy flavoursome rice.

It is superlative delicious authentic cuisine at its best.

Dorabjee serves the best heritage mutton biryani in Pune – no doubt about it. 

Yes  Blue Nile and Good Luck serve good heritage Biryani too.

The fervent atmosphere of the place and exquisite quality of the food is such that one eats enthusiastically 
 with wholehearted zest and gusto  not apologetically and self-consciously  as one tends to do  trying to be prim and proper  in highfalutin fine dining restaurants.  

At Dorabjee 
 you can enjoy every morsel of your food with passionate ardour.
And  as I reach blissful gastronomic satiety  I realize that a well-filled stomach radiates a kind of spiritual happiness.


The ideal way to end this rich spicy repast 
– is to cool it off with a cold soothing Falooda. 

Falooda is to Biryani 
– what Mastani is to Mutton Kolhapuri.

– I walk down Sachapir Street – I cross Main Street (MG Road)  and I head for Badshah on East Street – to down a deliciously sweet and chilled Rose flavored Royal Falooda.  

– I stroll down East Street to Kayani  to pick up some Shrewsbury Biscuits and Chocolate Walnut Cake – and – not to forget the inimitable Kayani Bakery Wine Biscuits and Cheese Papdi.

I stand outside Kayani 
 wondering what to do.

– I can walk down to Manney’s and browse books some more.

If Landmark has got the ambiance 
 Manney’s got the books... 

And then 
– maybe I can just loiter down Main Street admiring pretty looking things  till I am tired and hungry.  

 I will have some veg sandwiches, a chicken roll and cold coffee at Marzorin. 

Or – a macaroon at Pasteurs next door.  

Why not a Burger at Burger King 
 the original burger place of Pune  or a Chopsuey at East End  at the end of East Street...?  

Maybe Kathi Rolls at Olympia 
 Chicken Masala at George  Chana Bhatura at Monafood  Sev Barfi at Bhavnagri  Wafers at Budhani  or Sizzlers at The Place next to Manneys  or one more Biryani at Blue Nile near the GPO.  

The possibilities are endless...

– should I see the movie at Victory Cinema opposite  or at West End nearby...? 

Maybe I'll jump into the first bus I see 
 and let it take me wherever it goes.

How about going for a long walk on Laxmi Road into the heart of town...?  

– an idyll beside the river in Bund Garden  or Saras Baug  or Sambhaji Park...?  

Or maybe 
 I will just head home. 

 yes indeed  the possibilities are truly endless!  

I am free to do whatever I choose to do... 

I can loaf to my heart's content... 

I can continue to spend a perfectly useless day in a perfectly useless manner...
And – I can relish moments of perfect leisure.

You can take my word for it 
– Dear Reader.  

There is nothing you will enjoy more than loafing. 

There is no pleasure higher than loafing.

It is only when you cease to do the things you have to do  and you do the things you like to do  and you want to do  that you achieve the highest value of your time.


The freedom to enjoy life is the ultimate reward.  

Why should you defer happiness 
– waiting for some elusive abstract rewards...?  

What reward could be greater than a life enjoyed as it is lived...?
If you do not find happiness as you are, where you are, here and now 
 you will never find it. 

There is always plenty in life right now to enjoy for one who is determined to enjoy it.  

The feast of life is before you.  

Do you have the appetite to enjoy the feast of life...?

– my Dear Friend – You must discover the Art of Loafing”  and you will redeem the art of living from the business of living.

The Art of Travelling, The Art of Happiness, The Art of Eating, The Art of Living, The Art of Loafing, The Art of Leisure 
 all inextricably intertwined  aren’t they...? 

To recap:

“It is only when you cease to do the things you have to do – and you do the things you like to do and you want to do – that you achieve the highest value of your time”

 Epiphany  I’ve got it:

The Aim of Loafing is to achieve the Highest Value of your Time 


Let me end with a quote from the renowned Philosopher Lin Yutang on The Importance of Loafing: 

“The tempo of modern industrial life forbids idling. But worse than that, it imposes upon us a different conception of time as measured by the clock, and eventually turns the human being into a clock himself. Every American adult is arranging his time on the pattern of the schoolboy -- three o'clock for this, five o'clock for that, six-thirty for change of dress; six-fifty for entering the taxi and seven o'clock for emerging into a hotel room. It just makes life not worth living.”

~ Lin Yutang on “The Importance of Loafing”

Dear Reader: 

Do you loaf...? 


Do tell us about your Loafing experiences –  especially your favourite and memorable Loafs. 

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